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Tips for runners during the COVID-craziness

Calling all runners/joggers and even walkers. What should we do in these times of social distancing,\ and self-isolation? While I was going for a run yesterday, these are the thoughts that popped into my head:

1) Keep running! It's important for your mental health . . .UNLESS you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, in which case you really need to totally self-isolate at home or in hospital until you're given the all clear by the local public health branch (you probably won't feel like going for a run in that case!)

2) Try to stay at least 1.5m from other runners and walkers. If you don't think this is possible on your usual running route, go at an unpopular time (e.g. 11am) or on a different route (e.g. around the streets rather than along the beach)

3) Don’t drink out of bubblers – bring your own water. The COVID virus can survive for several hours in respiratory droplets on inert surfaces

4) If you get a runny nose while running (like I tend to), don’t blow it out onto the road! Take a tissue with you

5) If you were training for an event, keep training and run your own version of it (even though it’s been cancelled)

6) Do your own Parkrun (5km fun run) on Saturday mornings – outdoors are much lower risk than indoors so as long as you're not running in a crowd and keeping in mind #2 above, you should be OK

7) Avoid touching surfaces such as handrails on stairs, don’t high-five other runners

What are your tips?

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